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The Divine Comedy by Dante Alighieri, ISBN: 9781857151831

The Divine Comedy


by ( Jun, 1995 )

This edition prints all three parts of Dante's great poem about the journey of the soul - INFERNO, PURGATORIO and PARADISO - in the recent English translation by Allen Mandelbaum, with an introduction and explanatory notes on each canto by the noted Dante scholar, Peter Armour. This is the only reasonably priced hardback edition of one of the world's greatest masterworks and should prove to be the most accessible for students and general readers alike. It includes Botticelli's glorious and relatively unknown illustrations of THE DIVINE COMEDY, drawn in the 1480s.

King of anything piano, voix, guitare by CHERRY LANE MUSIC, ISBN: 9781603782890
The Crucifix Killer by Chris Carter, ISBN: 9781471181689

The Crucifix Killer


by ( Nov, 2019 )
Crucifix Killer by Chris Carter, ISBN: 9781471128219

Crucifix Killer


by ( Jan, 2013 )

When the body of a young woman is discovered in a derelict cottage in the middle of Los Angeles National Forest, Homicide Detective Robert Hunter finds himself entering a horrific and recurring nightmare. Naked, strung from two wooden posts, the victim was sadistically tortured before meeting an excruciatingly painful death. All the skin has been ripped from her face - while she was still alive. On the nape of her neck has been carved a strange double-cross: the signature of a psychopath known as the Crucifix Killer. But that's impossible. Because two years ago, the Crucifix Killer was caught and executed. Could this therefore be a copycat killer? Or could the unthinkable be true? Is the real killer still out there, ready to embark once again on a vicious and violent killing spree, selecting his victims seemingly at random, taunting Robert Hunter with his inability to catch him? Hunter and his rookie partner are about to enter a nightmare beyond imagining.

The Girl in the Ice: A gripping serial killer thriller by Robert Bryndza, ISBN: 9780751570656

Her eyes are wide open. Her lips parted as if to speak. Her dead body frozen in the ice . . . She is not the only one. When a young boy discovers the body of a woman beneath a thick sheet of ice in a South London park, Detective Erika Foster is called in to lead the murder investigation. The victim, a beautiful young socialite, appeared to have the perfect life. Yet when Erika begins to dig deeper, she starts to connect the dots between the murder and the killings of three prostitutes, all found strangled, hands bound and dumped in water around London. What dark secrets is the girl in the ice hiding? As Erika inches closer to uncovering the truth, the killer is closing in on Erika. The last investigation Erika led went badly wrong... resulting in the death of her husband. With her career hanging by a thread, Erika must now battle her own personal demons as well as a killer more deadly than any she's faced before. But will she get to him before he strikes again? A page-turning thriller packed with suspense. If you like Angela Marsons, Rachel Abbott and Karin Slaughter, discover Rob Bryndza's new series today - at a special launch price. Read what people are saying about The Girl in the Ice: 'I freakin' LOVED it! . . . Once in a while a book stops you in your tracks . . . this is THAT book!' Crime Book Junkie 'I loved, loved, loved this book and Erika Foster is most definitely my kind of heroine. She is smart, tenacious, direct and passionate...I found the writing tight, evocative and enthralling. I CAN NOT wait for the next installment.' Angela Marsons 'A non-stop, edge-of-your-seat, rollercoaster of a thriller!The ending, oh the ending! My mind is still blown! This book does not disappoint!' The Book Addicted Boy 'Oh my gosh!...gripping, grimy, hardcore, thrilling...I was hooked!!!...I loved this book...You Have GOT To Read This!' A Page of Fictional Love 'An intriguing web of lies, secrets and suspense. I really enjoyed getting to know DCI Foster and am already looking forward to the next book.' Mel Sherratt 'A compelling read - once you've started, it's hard to put down.' Rachel Abbott 'Hands-down, one of the most exciting, dramatic, tense and compelling thrillers that I think I have ever read.' Bookaholic Confessions 'Absolute perfection!...Boy are there some sharp turns! There were a few moments when I felt like I had it all figured out and I was so wrong! Fantastic book!...' The Eternal Optimist 'The Girl In The Ice is a brilliantly clever crime thriller...Had me hurtl

Loving Vincent - Collector's Edition - (Include CD OST Soundtrack + PostCards) (Spanish Release) by Unknown, ISBN: 8437018193240
Turkish Delight by Jan Wolkers, ISBN: 9781941040478

Turkish Delight


by ( Mar, 2017 )
The Vet's Daughter by Barbara Comyns, ISBN: 9781590170298

The Vet's Daughter


by ( Apr, 2003 )

In a vicious tale of horror, a veterinarian moves into a London suburb after his wife dies, hires a bizarre new housekeeper, and discovers his daughter has new, terrifying powers. Original.

So You Want to Vlog? by Andrea Valeria, ISBN: 9781976955617

So You Want to Vlog?

How to start from scratch, find your voice & share your stories


by ( Jan, 2018 )

So, you’re an aspiring vlogger? Your new favorite content creator, Andrea Valeria of “It’s a Travel O.D.,” has broken down the vlogging process for you, without taking herself too seriously or getting overly technical. From naming your vlog, refining your style, and advancing your skills—to the satisfaction of publishing your very first video—you now have a vlogging mentor (and maybe your first viewer!). In this vlogging guide, you’ll learn: -What exactly is a vlog? -Finding your space in the vlogging world -What you need to get started vlogging -How to tell an engaging story through video -Shooting and editing techniques for newbies Get started on your first vlog. Then return to this book for mentorship when you come up with questions or need a little encouragement.

Lolly Willowes: or the Loving Huntsman by Sylvia Townsend Warner, ISBN: 9780940322165

Sylvia Townsend Warner's first novel, published in 1926, is magical and subversive, anticipating the ficton of writers like Angela Carter and Jeanette Winterson.

The Years by Annie Ernaux, ISBN: 9781910695784

The Years


by ( Jun, 2018 )

Shortlisted for the Man Booker International Prize 2019. Considered by many to be the iconic French memoirist's defining work, The Years is a narrative of the period 1941 to 2006 told through the lens of memory, impressions past and present, cultural habits, language, photos, books, songs, radio, television, advertising and news headlines. Annie Ernaux invents a form that is subjective and impersonal, private and collective, and a new genre - the collective autobiography - in order to capture the passing of time. At the confluence of autofiction and sociology, The Years is according to the New York Times 'a Remembrance of Things Past for our age of media domination and consumerism' and a monumental account of twentieth-century French history as refracted through the life of one woman.

The DMSO Handbook: A New Paradigm in Healthcare by Dr Hartmut Fischer, ISBN: 9783981525557
Ramayana by VARIOUS, ISBN: 9798183821000
The Portable Milton by John Milton, ISBN: 9780140150445

The Portable Milton


by ( Aug, 1976 )

The Portable Milton is an authoritative grand tour through the imagination of this prodigal genius. In the course of his forty-year career, John Milton evolved from a prodigy to a blind prophet, from a philosophical aesthete to a Puritan rebel, and from a poet who proclaimed the triumph of reason to one obsessed with the intractability of sin. Throughout these transformations, he conceived his work as a form of prayer, written in the service of the supreme being.

The 2007-2012 World Outlook for Sailboats More Than 12.0 M (39.03 Ft) in Length with Auxiliary Motor Excluding Military and Commercial Sailboats by Philip M. Parker, ISBN: 9780497330583
Patchwork & Stitchery: 12 Quilt Projects with Embroidered Twists by Carol Phillipson, ISBN: 9781440202353

Beautiful quilts, stitch-by-stitch Patchwork & Stitchery combines the joys of traditional pieced and appliqué quiltmaking and the art of stitchery to create quilts with a special touch. Carol Phillipson shares her love of quiltmaking and needlework and teaches you how to make playful quilts and wall hangings inspired by ancient Aegean culture, lush gardens, milestones of life and more! You'll find: Step-by-step techniques for quilting, appliqué, cross-stitch and embroidery (including sashiko and blackwork), as well as ideas for planning your own unique quilts. 12 pieced quilt projects, featuring detailed instructions for quilting work, with complete cross-stitch charts. CD includes 100 cross-stitch designs, appliqué templates and piecing templates in BITMAP, JPEG and PDF formats for guiding you to create your own beautiful work. Let Patchwork & Stitchery show you the possibilities!

Harry Potter Eta Sorgin Harria by J.K. Rowling, ISBN: 9788483317037

Harry Potter thinks he is an ordinary boy until he is rescued by an owl, taken to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, learns to play Quidditch and does battle in a deadly duel. The Reason: HARRY POTTER IS A WIZARD!

The Complete Okko by Hub, ISBN: 9781684150434

The Complete Okko


by ( Jan, 2018 )
Monaro Magic by Norm Darwin, ISBN: 9780975690048
Eataly: Contemporary Italian Cooking by Phaidon, ISBN: 9780714872797

The best modern Italian recipes from the largest and most prestigious Italian marketplace in the world This beautiful cookbook, created in collaboration with Eataly, one of the greatest Italian food brands, features 300 landmark recipes highlighting the best of contemporary Italian home cooking. Excellent, fail-safe recipes and new ideas are presented in a sophisticated package, making this a must-have book for everyone wanting to learn about how Italians cook today. Gone are heavy pasta dishes and over-rich sauces - Eataly takes a modern approach to Italian cooking and eating., With recipes that are fresh and delicious, clear instructions, helpful tips, and a visual produce guide, this book will allow you to eat like Italians do today.

Harry Potter 3 e il Prigioniero di Azkaban by J. K. Rowling, ISBN: 9788867158140

Harry Potter, along with his friends, Ron and Hermione, is about to start his third year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

The Book of Tea by Kakuzo Okakura, ISBN: 9781633846937

'The Book of Tea' by Okakura Kakuzo shows how tea has affected nearly every aspect of Japanese culture, thought, and life. The book is accessible to Western audiences because, though Kakuzo was born and raised Japanese, he was trained from a young age to speak English. In this book he explains tea in the context of Zen and Taoism as well as the secular aspects of Tea and Japanese life. This book emphasizes how Teaism taught the Japanese many things; most importantly, simplicity. Kakuzo argues th

Pit Stop Guides - Nascar Sprint Cup Series: 2009 Budweiser Shootout, Featuring Kevin Harvick, Jamie Mcmurray, Tony Stewart, Jeff Gordon, and A. J. All by Robert Dobbie, ISBN: 9781171065661

Pit Stop Guides - Nascar Sprint Cup Series: 2009 Budweiser Shootout, Featuring Kevin Harvick, Jamie Mcmurray, Tony Stewart, Jeff Gordon, and A. J. All

2009 Budweiser Shootout, Featuring Kevin Harvick, Jamie McMurray, Tony Stewart, Jeff Gordon, and A. J. Allmendinger


by ( Nov, 2010 )
Attack on Titan 24 by Hajime Isayama, ISBN: 9781632365354

Attack on Titan 24


by ( Apr, 2018 )

The blockbuster manga edges closer to its thrilling conclusions. The mysteries of the Titans are being revealed... who will escape death at the hands of giants and human beings?

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets - Ravenclaw Edition by J.K. Rowling, ISBN: 9781408898147

Let the magic of J.K. Rowling 's classic series take you back to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Issued to mark the 20th anniversary of first publication of Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, these irresistible House Editions celebrate the noble character of the four Hogwarts houses. Featuring gorgeous house-themed cover art and interior line illustrations by Kate Greenaway Medal winner Levi Pinfold, each book will also have vibrant sprayed edges in the house livery. Entertaining bonus features exclusive to each house accompany the novel. All seven books in the series will be issued in these highly collectable House Editions. A must-have for anyone who has ever imagined sitting under the Sorting Hat in the Great Hall at Hogwarts waiting to hear the words, Better be RAVENCLAW! ' You 'll always find a home at Hogwarts!

King Lear by Rene Weis, ISBN: 9781317863298

This reissed edition of Longman Annotated Texts King Lear includes comprehensive notes, annotations and an introduction, all designed to be of use to undergraduates and interested readers. King Lear is one of Shakespeare's most widely studied tragedies. However, since the late 1970s textual scholars, critics and editors have argued that there is no single 'King Lear' text. Anyone studying the play needs to be aware of two different texts, one based on the quarto of 1608, The History of King Lear

Daniel Negreanu's Power Hold'em Strategy by Daniel Negreanu, ISBN: 9781580422048

Super Stars of Hold'em does for hold'em what Doyle Brunson's Super System 2 did for poker. Negreanu gathers together the greatest young players, theorists, and world champions of hold'em, to present insider professional secrets and winning strategies for the only poker game that counts nowadays-hold'em. Ten powerful chapters cover every aspect of the major hold'em games-limit, no-limit, and pot-limit for cash games and tournaments -- with in-depth coverage on all aspects of play. This weighty volume will be an instant classic-poker players cannot ignore the professional advice from the greatest stars of the game.

Cambridge VCE Business Management Units 1 and 2 Pack (Textbook and Interactive Textbook) by Julie Cain, ISBN: 9781316621196
The Rainbow Magic Fairies 28-Book Set: The Complete Original Rainbow Fairies Set, The Complete Jewel Fairies Set, The Complete Petal Fairies Set, and The Complete Sports Fairies Set (Rainbow Magic) by Daisy Meadows, ISBN: 9780545276115
Read This If You Want to Take Great Photographs of People by Henry Carroll, ISBN: 9781780676241

Read This If You Want To Take Great Photographs Of People is an inspiring book of conceptual starting points and invaluable technical tips for anyone, novice or professional, who wants to take top-notch pictures of people. The book distills portrait photography into seven subject areas, including "Composition," "The Gaze," and "The Street," and features beautiful, startling, and inspirational photographs in each category. Readers are given practical insights into the ideas and techniques of a wide range of historical and contemporary masters so they can put it all into practice themselves. Scattered throughout the book are "technical tangents" packed with invaluable practical guidance for basic lighting set-ups, equipment, camera modes and more. Also included is definitive advice from a lawyer on your legal rights when taking pictures of people.

Nous avons tué Mountbatten!: l'IRA parle by Roger Faligot, ISBN: 9782864770268
An Examination of Beauchamp Plantagenet's Description of the Province of New Albion. by John Penington, ISBN: 9781241424923
Harry Potter Word Search: Ultimate SPELLS Edition from J.K Rowling’s Magical Books and Films. Learn All the Spells with Fun by Adam Wells, ISBN: 9781791964764
Positive Identities: Narrative Practices and Positive Psychology (The Positive Psychology Workbook Series) by Dr. Margarita Tarragona PhD, ISBN: 9781483918723
J.K. Rowling's Wizarding World: Movie Magic Volume Three: Amazing Artifacts by Bonnie Burton, ISBN: 9780763695842
The Earth and Its PeoplesA Global History by Richard Bulliet, ISBN: 9781337401470
Marketing by William M. Pride, ISBN: 9780470816226

Marketing Core Concepts and Applications, 2nd Asia-Pacific Edition - continuing to put Introductory Marketing students on target! - Exactly who are \'tweens\', generation X, generation Y and baby boomers and how can marketers cater for their ever-changing needs? - What marketing opportunities are presented by online social networking sites such as MySpace and YouTube? - Why are Woolworths and Coles shelves increasingly being stocked with their own brands? - Are mobile phone companies targeting children in their marketing? - How has Pumpkin Patch grown from being a single retail outlet in New Zealand into Australasia\'s leading children\'s fashion brand? - Why are widescreen televisions a goldmine for electronics retailers? The answers to these marketing questions, and many more, are contained in this textbook! KEY FEATURES Written by the same author team that delivered the best-selling first edition Thoroughly updated and revised cases, facts and figures 16 chapters - ideal for the 12-13 week teaching semester Balanced coverage of both small-to-medium sized enterprises and larger multinational corporations operating in the Asia-Pacific region Contemporary treatment of e-marketing, triple bottom line, ethics/social responsibility, customer relationship management, and international, government and not-for-profit marketing issues Comprehensive coverage of the marketing of both goods and services Concept map at the start of each chapter visually clarifies for students exactly where they are in the marketing process Are you on target? self-check questions within each chapter aid student self-assessment (answers are provided at the back of the book) Sample marketing plan and marketing plan worksheets included as appendices Comprehensive and innovative accompanying lecturer and student resources

Emergency Department Resuscitation of the Critically Ill, 2nd Edition by MD, FACEP, FAAEM Michael E. Winters, ISBN: 9780988997394
Sri Lanka in the Modern Age: A History by Nira Wickramasinghe, ISBN: 9780190225797

Sri Lanka in the Modern Age recounts the modern history of the island in an accessible yet unconventional manner. Where other histories have tended to focus on the state's failure to accommodate the needs and demands of minority communities, Wickramasinghe places their claims alongside the political, social and economic demands of other communities, parties, associations and groups, tracing their lineages to the colonial period. This updated second edition carries the book into the present, covering the brutal end of Sri Lanka's civil war and the making of oppressive stability that has grown in its wake. Drawing on recent work as well as on her own research in the field, Wickramasinghe has written above all a history of the people of Sri Lanka rather than a history of the nation-state.

Sri Lanka in the Modern Age by Wickramasinghe Nira, ISBN: 9781849044462

Now available as an updated second edition covering the brutal end of Sri Lanka's civil war and creeping state authoritarianism that has grown in its wake, Sri Lanka in the Modern Age recounts the island's modern history in an accessible yet unconventional manner. While most histories of the country published in the last twenty years have tended to focus on the state's failure to accommodate the needs and demands of minority communities, this book places their claims alongside the political, social and economic demands of other communities, parties, associations and groups, trac--ing their lineages to the colonial period. Drawing from recent works as well as from her own research in the field, Nira Wickramasinghe has written above all a history of the people of Sri Lanka, rather than a history of the nation-state.

Harry Potter Y La Camara Secreta (desplegable De Lujo) by J. K. ROWLING, ISBN: 9788466610193
Commutative Algebra with a View toward Algebraic Geometry by David Eisenbud, ISBN: 9780387942681
Commutative Algebra: With a View Toward Algebraic Geometry by David Eisenbud, ISBN: 9780387942698

Commutative Algebra is best understood with knowledge of the geometric ideas that have played a great role in its formation, in short, with a view towards algebraic geometry. The author presents a comprehensive view of commutative algebra, from basics, such as localization and primary decomposition, through dimension theory, differentials, homological methods, free resolutions and duality, emphasizing the origins of the ideas and their connections with other parts of mathematics. Many exercises illustrate and sharpen the theory and extended exercises give the reader an active part in complementing the material presented in the text. One novel feature is a chapter devoted to a quick but thorough treatment of Grobner basis theory and the constructive methods in commutative algebra and algebraic geometry that flow from it. Applications of the theory and even suggestions for computer algebra projects are included. This book will appeal to readers from beginners to advanced students of commutative algebra or algebraic geometry. To help beginners, the essential ideals from algebraic geometry are treated from scratch. Appendices on homological algebra, multilinear algebra and several other useful topics help to make the book relatively self- contained. Novel results and presentations are scattered throughout the text.

Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone 4 Books Collection Set by J.K. Rowling (Slytherin, Ravenclaw, Gryffindor, Hufflepuff) by J.K. Rowling, ISBN: 9789526532264
Text Me When You Get Home by Kayleen Schaefer, ISBN: 9781101986134

Text Me When You Get Home

The Evolution and Triumph of Modern Female Friendship

*'Text Me has the thrills and laughs of a romantic comedy, but with an inverted message: 'There just isn't only one love story in our lives,' Schaefer writes. If you're lucky, friends will be the protagonists in these multiple love

Art History by Marilyn Stokstad, ISBN: 9780134475882

Art History


by ( Jan, 2017 )
The Portable Milton by John Milton, ISBN: 9780140150445

The Portable Milton


by ( Aug, 1976 )

The Portable Milton is an authoritative grand tour through the imagination of this prodigal genius. In the course of his forty-year career, John Milton evolved from a prodigy to a blind prophet, from a philosophical aesthete to a Puritan rebel, and from a poet who proclaimed the triumph of reason to one obsessed with the intractability of sin. Throughout these transformations, he conceived his work as a form of prayer, written in the service of the supreme being.

Crunch Time Cookbook by Michelle Bridges, ISBN: 9780670074105

"Michelle Bridges, expert trainer from The Biggest Loser and author of the best-selling Crunch Time, knows that confidence in the kitchen is the key to weight management. In the Crunch Time Cookbook she arms you with 100 simple, delicious recipes to help you lose the kilos and keep them off. But this is no ordinary cookbook. There's also: a 12-week menu plan; practical info on counting calories and basic nutrition; advice on breaking bad habits; and, exercise tips."--Publisher description.

Read This If You Want to Take Great Photographs by Henry Carroll, ISBN: 9781780673356

Photography is now more popular than ever thanks to the rapid development of digital cameras. Read This If You Want to Take Great Photographs is for this new wave of DSLR dabblers and users of compact system, and bridge cameras. It contains no graphs, no techie diagrams and no camera club jargon. Instead, it inspires readers through iconic images and playful copy packed with hands-on tips. Split into five sections, the book covers composition, exposure, light, lenses, and seeing. Images taken by master photographers – including Henri Cartier- Bresson, Sebastião Salgado, Fay Godwin, and Martin Parr – serve to illustrate points and encourage readers to try out new ideas. Today's aspiring photographers want immediacy and see photography as an affordable way of expressing themselves quickly and creatively. This book answers that need, teaching readers how to take photographs using professional techniques.

Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine by Gail Honeyman, ISBN: 9780008172138

'Funny, touching and unpredictable' Jojo MoyesEleanor Oliphant has learned how to survive - but not how to live

Mod Lib Complete Poems and Selected Letters Of John Keats by John Keats, ISBN: 9780375756696

Collects the poetry and correspondence of the English poet.

Assessment for Teaching by Patrick Griffin, ISBN: 9781316640739

Assessment for Teaching is a comprehensive and practical introduction to assessment and learning in primary and secondary school settings. This book treats assessment as a source of data that informs teaching strategies. It replaces a deficit model of assessment with a development model: a framework which recognises the importance of identifying what the student is ready to learn. The book also promotes collaboration between teachers in professional learning teams - encouraging the sharing of assessment data and team-based interpretation - to improve student outcomes and to plan goals for students based on a development scale. Each chapter contains: • an exercise for applying the course content to classroom practice • a response template for the exercise • guidelines on assessing the value of the exercise in a professional learning team • a short test for participants to cross-check their understanding of the course content This is an essential resource for both pre-service and in-service teachers.

Why Government Is the Problem by Milton Friedman, ISBN: 9780817954437

Friedman discusses a government system that is no longer controlled by "we, the people." Instead of Lincoln's government "of the people, by the people, and for the people," we now have a government "of the people, by the bureaucrats, for the bureaucrats," including the elected representatives who have become bureaucrats.

Really Professional Internet Person by Jenn McAllister, ISBN: 9780545861120

Jenn McAllister, better known as JennxPenn, has been obsessed with making videos since she found her parents video camera at the age of eight. A shy child, Jenn turned to film because, unlike with life, you can always have a do-over. Really Professional Internet Person offers both an insider's guide to building a successful YouTube channel and an intimate portrait of the surreality of insta-fame and the harsh reality of high school. Brimming with honesty, heart and Jenn's patented sense of humor, Really Professional Internet Person features top ten lists, photos, screenshots, social media posts and never-before-posted stories chronicling Jenn's journey from an anxious middle-schooler just trying to fit in, to a YouTube sensation unafraid to stand out.

Lange Pharmacology Flashcards, Fourth Edition by Suzanne Baron, Christoph Lee, ISBN: 9781259837258

A fun, fast, portable review of pharmacology for the USMLE Step 1Written by former medical students at Yale University, LANGE Pharmacology Flash Cards, Fourth Edition offer concise, yet complete coverage of the su

Roger Eason by Agamemnon Maverick (author), ISBN: 9786137822777
Shakespeare Unbound by René Weis, ISBN: 9780805088656

Shakespeare Unbound


by ( Sep, 2008 )

At last?a key that unlocks the secrets of Shakespeare's lifeIntimacies with Southampton and Marlowe, entanglements in London with the elusive dark lady, the probable fathering of an illegitimate son?these are among the mysteries of Shakespeare's rich and turbulent life that have proven tantalizingly obscure. Despite an avalanche of recent scholarship, René Weis, an acknowledged authority on the Elizabethan period, believes the links between the bard's life and the poems and plays have been largely ignored. Armed with a wealth of new archival research and his own highly regarded interpretations of the literature, the author finds provocative parallels between Shakespeare's early experiences in the bustling market town of Stratford?including a dangerous poaching incident and contacts with underground Catholics?and the plays.Breaking with tradition, Weis reveals that it is the plays and poems themselves that contain the richest seam of clues about the details of Shakespeare's personal life, at home in Stratford and in the shadowy precincts of theatrical London?details of a code unbroken for four hundred years.

Be Bold, Baby: J.K. Rowling by Alison Oliver, ISBN: 9781328519931
The Neatest Little Guide to Stock Market Investing by Jason Kelly, ISBN: 9780452298620

A guide for beginning investors provides detailed advice on how to make wise stock selections, decodes difficult expressions and terms used on the stock markets, and alleviates the tension of making the right investments.

Betty McKinnon by Unknown, ISBN: 9786138921905

Betty McKinnon

( Dec, 2011 )

Please note that the content of this book primarily consists of articles available from Wikipedia or other free sources online. Betty McKinnon, eigentlich Elizabeth L. McKinnon, (* 1. Januar 1924) ist eine ehemalige australische Sprinterin. Bei den Olympischen Spielen 1948 in London gewann sie die Mannschafts-Silbermedaille in der 4-mal-100-Meter-Staffel zusammen mit ihren Teamkolleginnen Shirley Strickland, June Maston und Joyce King, hinter dem Team der Niederlande (Gold) und vor dem Team aus Kanada (Bronze). Der 4-mal-100-Meter-Staffellauf ist ein olympischer Wettbewerb der Leichtathletik, bei dem vier L ufer (die Stafette) nacheinander jeweils 100 Meter auf einer ganzen Stadionrunde zur cklegen. Sieger wird die Staffel mit der schnellsten Gesamtzeit zwischen dem Start des ersten L ufers und dem Zieldurchgang des vierten L ufers. Der Wechsel zwischen den L ufern erfolgt durch bergabe eines Staffelstabes.

A.I. Artificial Intelligence: From Stanley Kubrick to Steven Spielberg: The Vision Behind the Film by Jan Harlan, ISBN: 9780500514894

Reveals how the project originated and how it was brought to fruition through the efforts of two great movie directors.

Ageless Qurʾan Timeless Text by Muhammad Mustafa Al-Azami, ISBN: 9781906949174
Big Toe Wind Up Toy by California Creations, ISBN: 0678643780018
A Study Guide for J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix by Cengage Learning Gale, ISBN: 9781375397636
Therapy with Harming Parents, Mothers and Victimized Children after Parental Child Sexual AssaultForging Enduring Safety by Dale Tolliday, ISBN: 9781138286467
Shagging in the Carolinas by Fessa John Hook, ISBN: 9780738517513

Shagging in the Carolinas is a history of dance, romance, and the New South. The Shag defied social conventions as carefree white teenagers were inspired by the possibilities inherent in improvisational black dance and music. This is the story of how Southern society's emerging middle class embraced its multicultural roots while its political leaders continued to debate and deny the outcome of the Civil War. These are the unique people and circumstances that nurtured the evolution of Shag and Beach Music at places like the "jump joints" of Carolina Beach, the inland lake retreats, and the pavilions of Ocean Drive, Atlantic, Folly, Wrightsville, and Tybee beaches. With lively music and dancers, the Shag was popular at famous dance clubs, teen canteens, and armories. Venues such as the Coachman and IV, the Cellar, the Bushes, the Embers Clubs, and the Beach Club at Myrtle Beach are captured within these pages. The early pioneers and iconoclasts of dancing brought about a cultural revolution, embodied today by the many societies, competitions, and innumerable entertainers and bands that continue the Beach Music tradition.

Breakthrough Advertising by Eugene M. Schwartz, ISBN: 9780887232985
So Many Books, So Little Time by Sara Nelson, ISBN: 9780425198193

So Many Books, So Little Time

A Year of Passionate Reading


by ( Oct, 2004 )

Sometimes subtle, sometimes striking, the interplay between our lives and our books is the subject of this unique memoir by well-known publishing correspondent and self-described "readaholic" Sara Nelson. From Solzhenitsyn to Laura Zigman, Catherine M. to Captain Underpants, the result is a personal chronicle of insight, wit, and enough infectious enthusiasm to make a passionate reader out of anybody.

The Sermon on the Mount and Human Flourishing: A Theological Commentary by Jonathan T. Pennington, ISBN: 9781540960641

The Sermon on the Mount is one of the most influential and most studied portions of the Bible. Every Christian generation turns to it for insight and guidance. In this volume, John Pennington shows that the Sermon on the Mount offers a clear window into understanding God's work in Christ. He provides a historical, theological and literary commentary on the Sermon, and explains how this text offers insight into God's plan for human flourishing. He also relates the Sermon's theological themes to contemporary issues such as ethics, philosophy and economics. "Is there need for another book on the Sermon on the Mount? Yes, because few others combine the strengths, clarity, pathos, and insight of this one... It is balanced, hermeneutically informed, and academically grounded without failing to be pastorally useful as well as theologically responsible." - Robert W. Yarbrough, Covenant Theological Seminary

Lightning Path Core Lesson Package by Michael Sharp, ISBN: 9781897455234
Celestial Bodies by Jokha Alharthi, ISBN: 9781912240166

Celestial Bodies


by ( Jun, 2018 )

Shortlisted for the Man Booker International Prize 2019. Celestial Bodies is set in the village of al-Awafi in Oman, where we encounter three sisters: Mayya, who marries Abdallah after a heartbreak; Asma, who marries from a sense of duty; and Khawla who rejects all offers while waiting for her beloved, who has emigrated to Canada. These three women and their families witness Oman evolve from a traditional, slave-owning society slowly redefining itself after the colonial era, to the crossroads of its complex present. Elegantly structured and taut, Celestial Bodies is a coiled spring of a novel, telling of Oman's coming-of-age through the prism of one family's losses and loves.

Harry Potter, III : Harry Potter et le prisonnier d'Azkaban [ Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban ] (French Edition) by J.K. Rowling, ISBN: 9781547904853

Harry Potter, along with his friends, Ron and Hermione, is about to start his third year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

RPAH Elimination Diet Handbook by Anne Ruth Swain, Valencia L. Soutter, Robert Henry Loblay, ISBN: 9780980616408
Algebra by Paolo Aluffi, ISBN: 9780821847817



by ( Aug, 2009 )

Algebra: Chapter 0 is a self-contained introduction to the main topics of algebra, suitable for a first sequence on the subject at the beginning graduate or upper undergraduate level. The primary distinguishing feature of the book, compared to standard textbooks in algebra, is the early introduction of categories, used as a unifying theme in the presentation of the main topics. A second feature consists of an emphasis on homological algebra: basic notions on complexes are presented as soon as modules have been introduced, and an extensive last chapter on homological algebra can form the basis for a follow-up introductory course on the subject. Approximately 1,000 exercises both provide adequate practice to consolidate the understanding of the main body of the text and offer the opportunity to explore many other topics, including applications to number theory and algebraic geometry. This will allow instructors to adapt the textbook to their specific choice of topics and provide the independent reader with a richer exposure to algebra. Many exercises include substantial hints, and navigation of the topics is facilitated by an extensive index and by hundreds of cross-references.

Love in the New Millennium by Can Xue, ISBN: 9780300224313

The most ambitious work of fiction by a writer widely considered the most important novelist working in China today

In this darkly comic novel, a group of women inhabits a world of constant surveillance, where informants lurk in the flower beds and false reports fly. Conspiracies abound in a community that normalizes paranoia and suspicion. Some try to flee-whether to a mysterious gambling bordello or to ancestral homes that can be reached only underground through muddy caves, sewers, and tunnels. Others seek out the refuge of Nest County, where traditional Chinese herbal medicines can reshape or psychologically transport the self. Each life is circumscribed by buried secrets and transcendent delusions.

Can Xue's masterful love stories for the new millennium trace love's many guises-satirical, tragic, transient, lasting, nebulous, and fulfilling-against a kaleidoscopic backdrop of commerce and industry, fraud and exploitation, and sex and romance drawn from the East and the West.

How to Get Along with Difficult People by Florence Littauer, ISBN: 9781565079328

In this new edition of her classic book on human relationships author Florence Littauer draws from the experiences of the apostle Paul and her own demanding encounters to offer readers encouragement and practical advice to help smooth out thorny relationships.?? Readers will learn the secret to dealing with the four personality types: The "Sanguine" who wants attention and credit The "Melancholy" who longs for order and discipline The "Choleric" who appreciates action and obedience The "Phlegmatic" who loves peace and quiet Readers will learn how to help friends and family see themselves as others see them, and they?ll learn how to react to trying situations by becoming more aware of how they affect those around them.

Hey Awesome by Karen Young, ISBN: 9781925545746

Hey Awesome


by ( Jun, 2018 )

If kids with anxiety could see their strengths, they would feel so much bigger than their anxiety. They would feel bigger than everything - as though a tiny, tip-toed stretch could have them touching the top of the world from where they are. This book is a reminder for all kids that everything they need to be brave, strong and brilliant is already in them.

Matrix Groups for UndergraduatesStudent Mathematical Library by Kristopher Tapp, ISBN: 9781470427221
Designs and Patterns from Muhu Island. A Needlework Tradition from from Estonia by Unnamed, ISBN: 9789949918133
Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone: Complete & Unabridged by J.K. Rowling, ISBN: 9781855496705

An audiobook by the internationally acclaimed author J.K. Rowling, read by the Potter-perfect narrator, Stephen Fry.

Harry Potter is the young "Wizard who Lived" in this imaginative tale of wizards, witches, and magic. Voldemort, aka 'you-know-who', is a dark wizard who kills Harry Potter's parents, vanishes, and loses his powers after trying to kill Harry. Infant Harry is left orphaned and carries with him a lightning-bolt-shaped scar on his forehead as a result of the attack on him.

This scar distinguishes him from other wizards and people.

Directly after the death of his parents, Harry is sent to live with his non-magical, or Muggle, aunt, uncle, and cousin, the Dursleys. The Dursleys are not happy with this arrangement; his Aunt Petunia and Uncle Vernon were never fond of his parents and, in fact, did everything they could to avoid them. Therefore, they make Harry's life with them for the following 10 years an absolute misery, providing him with only the absolute necessities and nothing more.

This highly acclaimed audiobook, is a must have for any Harry Potter fan.

Pillsbury Easy Baking: HMH Selects by Pillsbury Editors, ISBN: 9780544187689

Bake it easy with Pillsbury! Nothing beats home-baked treats hot out of the oven. Now Pillsbury gives you more than twenty super-easy recipes for every occasions-tempting cookies and bars, crowd-pleasing holiday favorites and delectable desserts. You'll even find fun recipes to bake with your kids. All of the recipes use refrigerated dough products to save you time and effort. For more great ideas visit

Billion Dollar Whale: The Man Who Fooled Wall Street, Hollywood, and the World by Tom Wright, ISBN: 9780316436502

Billion Dollar Whale: The Man Who Fooled Wall Street, Hollywood, and the World

The Man Who Fooled Wall Street, Hollywood, and the World


by ( Sep, 2018 )

An epic true-tale of hubris and greed from two Pulitzer-finalist Wall Street Journal reporters, Billion Dollar Whale reveals how a young social climber pulled off one of the biggest financial heists in history--right under the nose of the global financial industry--exposing the shocking secret nexus of elite wealth, banking, Hollywood, and politics. The dust had yet to settle on the global financial crisis in 2009 when an unlikely Wharton grad was setting in motion a fraud of unprecedented gall and magnitude--one that would come to symbolize the next great threat to the global financial system. Billion Dollar Whale will become a classic, harrowing parable about the financial world in the twenty-first century.

The Light of Pure Knowing: Thirty Meditations on the Essence of Non-Duality by Rupert Spira, ISBN: 9780992972608
System Design Interview – An insider’s guide by Alex, ISBN: 9781521243978
Lean Six Sigma and Minitab (5th Edition): The Complete Toolbox Guide for Business Improvement by Quentin Brook, ISBN: 9780995789906
Real Sex Stories That Will Make You Really Horny by Mélanie Berliet, ISBN: 9781533081308
Pyrofighters 1 by Atsushi Ohkubo, ISBN: 9781632363305

Pyrofighters 1


by ( Nov, 2016 )

"The city of Tokyo is in the grip of a reign of terror! Possessed by demons, people have begun to burst into flame, leading to the establishment of a special firefighting team: the Pyrofighters, ready to roll on a moment's notice to fight spontaneous combustion anywhere it might break out. But the team is about to get a very unique addition: Shinra, a boy who possesses the unique power to run at the speed of a rocket, leaving behind the famous odevil's footprintso (and destroying his shoes in the process). Can the Pyrofighters discover the source of this strange phenomenon and put a stop to it? Or will the city burn to ashes first? Series Overview: In the year 198 of the Age of the Sun, Tokyo is a crowded cosmopolis. But the world's most populous city is threatened by devils that cause people to burst into flame at random! The only ones who can stop it are the Pyrofighters, a team of specialized firefighters. The young Shinra, blessed with the ability to ignite his feet and travel at the speed of a rocket, wants nothing more than to be a hero, and knows that this is the place for him! But he's not the best at following ordersa"