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Click on the cover with the title: Erté illustrated desk diary 2015 (Flame Tree Publishing)
David Bowie Album by Album by Hewitt, Paolo, Elms, Robert, ISBN: 9781780974224
The Encyclopedia of Epic Films by Constantine Santas, ISBN: 9780810882478
Erté illustrated desk diary 2015 (Flame Tree Publishing) by Flame Tree Publishing, ISBN: 9781783611010
Here I am by Jonathan Safran Foer, ISBN: 9780374280024
La Hoguera De Las Vanidades by Tom Wolfe, ISBN: 9788433920546
Sharp: The Women Who Made an Art of Having an Opinion by Michelle Dean, ISBN: 9780349005409
The Ask by Laura Fredricks, ISBN: 9781119374497
Marriage Vacation by Pauline Brooks, ISBN: 9781982100179
Corporate Financial Management 6th Edition by Glen Arnold / Deborah Lewis, ISBN: 9781292140445

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