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Plan B 3.0

In this updated edition of the landmark Plan B, Lester Brown outlines a survival strategy for our early twenty-first-century civilization. The world faces many environmental trends of disruption and decline, including rising temperatures and spreading water shortage. In addition to these looming threats, we face the peaking of oil, annual population growth of 70 million, a widening global economic divide, and a growing list of failing states. The scale and complexity of issues facing our fast-forward world have no precedentWith Plan A, business as usual, we have neglected these issues overly long. In Plan B 3.0, Lester R. Brown warns that the only effective response now is a World War II-type mobilization like that in the United States after the attack on Pearl Harbor.

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Details Published Format New Used
Cover Art for 9780393330878, Plan B 3.0 by Lester R. Brown
Plan B 3.0
United States Jan, 2008 Paperback Being refreshed... Being refreshed...
Cover Art for 9780393065893, Plan B 3.0 Mobilizing to Save Civilization by Lester R. Brown
Plan B 3.0 Mobilizing to Save Civilization
United States Jan, 2008 Hardback Being refreshed... Being refreshed...

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