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Message from Malaga

To the accompaniment of flamenco guitars, a drama of espionage begins in a cafe courtyard in Malaga. For Ian Ferrier, on a vacation visit to his old friend Jeff Reid, it means the startling discovery that Reid is more than just a wine exporter...he is in fact a CIA agent who smuggles Cuban refugees into Spain. When a more important refugee--a high-ranking, defecting KGB agent--arrives, the drama intensifies. Ferrier finds himself alone and responsible for the defector's safety.

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Details Published Format New Used
Cover Art for 9781781163337, Message from Malaga by Helen MacInnes
Message from Malaga
Dec, 2012 Paperback $9.85 $7.37
Cover Art for 9780449213049, Message from Malaga by Helen Macinnes
Message from Malaga
Sep, 1986 Paperback $13.92 $4.16

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