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By Violence Unavenged

Passionate young violinist Phoebe Raye pursues a deadly vendetta despite her father's warnings and her yearning for love and fulfilment.

Leaving Sydney, Australia, Phoebe travels via Istanbul to Vienna, Austria and enters a cultured and complex society fraught with political tension and besieged by a malignant foreign aggressor.

Witness to the unbridled hatred unleashed by the Anschluss as her own situation turns perilous, how will Phoebe resolve her mother’s death by violence unavenged?

A poignant account of individual predicament amidst social turmoil, By Violence Unavenged is the first volume of In the Hearts of Kings, an epic trilogy exploring the perennial themes of justice and mercy, revenge and forgiveness.

Booko found 2 book editions of By Violence Unavenged by Annette Young

Details Published Format New Used
By Violence Unavenged by Annette Young, ISBN: 9780987435149
By Violence Unavenged
Jun, 2019 Hardcover Click to Check Click to Check
By Violence Unavenged by Annette Young, ISBN: 9780987435132
By Violence Unavenged
May, 2019 Paperback $18.92 $16.49

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