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The Predator

Part of the series Animorphs

Ruthless, selfish, dangerous. In fact, just right for the job. At top investment bank Bloomfield Weiss, they taught them to be predators, killer deal-makers. While on the bank's training programme in New York, Chris and Lenka had become part of a close-knit gang of trainees. But when a drunken boat trip ends in tragedy, the gang decide to cover up the truth. Ten years later Lenka is murdered in Prague. Chris, now her business partner, must fight to keep their company afloat - and discover who was behind Lenka's death. For it seems the clues to the murder are rooted in that fatal boat-trip so many years ago.

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The Predator by Michael Ridpath, ISBN: 9780140295900
The Predator
Jul, 2002 Paperback Being refreshed... Being refreshed...

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